Tomorrow’s prosperity is reliant on quality education of future generations, however today’s challenges of constrained funding, increasing competition and rapidly evolving technologies are driving significant change in universities and schools across the globe.

Architectus is committed to building a smarter future through innovative design of world-class teaching and learning spaces that deliver a competitive advantage to our clients.

Our expertise is continually refreshed in close collaborations with educators, staff, students, technologists and facility managers, and our commitment to developing tailored design solutions that meet the changing requirements in primary, secondary and tertiary education projects.

We have a proud reputation of delivering functionally efficient education facilities that are highly flexible, truly sustainable, and cost-effective to build, run and maintain.

These buildings integrate the latest learning technologies and pedagogical techniques within engaging and beautiful environments designed to attract and retain students and staff.

Our education specialists have built an impressive folio of projects that reflect valued long-term relationships with leading institutions dedicated to the pursuit of excellence including:

- The University of Auckland, NZ 
Victoria University Wellington, NZ
University of Canterbury, NZ
- University of Melbourne
- University of Sydney
- University of Western Sydney
- University of Queensland
- Queensland University of Technology
- James Cook University
- University of Central Queensland
- University of the Sunshine Coast
- Macquarie University
- University of New South Wales
- Victoria University
- Flinders University
- University of Newcastle