The industrial sector is an intelligent, mature and dynamic market with increasingly sophisticated user requirements.

Industrial projects are major property assets and an essential investment in the long-term future of many businesses.

Architectus’s experienced Industrial architecture teams collaborate closely with clients and specialist consultants to develop a shared understanding of processes and logistics, spatial, security and technological requirements and the budgetary and time constraints.

We bring our analytical and problem solving skills to the design of efficient, safe and flexible working environments that improve productivity and minimise waste. 

We imbed sustainable design principles, constructional efficiency, low maintenance and operational simplicity reduce costs and future-proof value.

Architectus has developed strong working relationships with diverse enterprises that have specialised and highly complex needs, including Australia Post, Ergon Energy, Coles and Qantas.

Across this sector we have demonstrable achievements in the design and delivery of industrial units and warehouses, manufacturing plants, landside and airside distribution and logistic facilities, heavy maintenance facilities, and light and heavy rail maintenance and stabling facilities.

Our federated BIM models enable seamless integration of the base building and process design and can provide the building owner a valuable tool for ongoing management of the facility and its operation.