The provision of quality housing in response to increasing population and urbanization, technological, demographic and environmental pressures is a global challenge.

Sensitive and incisive design can dramatically transform the quality of life, work and play for residents of Architectus’s housing projects. Our Living Environments teams are renowned for collaborating closely and listening carefully to the needs and aspirations of clients. For private residential commissions this will lead to uniquely crafted and beautiful contemporary dwellings tailored to respond to the particular needs of clients and their families and the specific qualities of the site.

This understanding of the nuances and technologies of contemporary life and respect for the qualities of place permeates all Architectus multi-unit residential projects and high-rise apartment towers where the hallmark clarity and efficiency of our design strategies ensures highly functional, affordable and sustainable outcomes.

A broader challenge is the provision of new housing that provides improved liveability, higher densities, greater affordability, new technologies and enhanced sustainability within the straining infrastructure of our growing cites. Architectus’ Living Environments teams work with of our Urban Design and Planning specialists in response to this broad-scale challenge while developing targeted strategies for the specific needs of the different demographic sectors requiring affordable housing, student residences, family households, retirement living and aged care facilities.

Architectus extensive portfolio demonstrates that great design can transform the daily experience of individuals, families and communities at every stage of life.