Project Delivery + PPP

Our breadth of practice has built strong expertise in delivering many major projects through a variety of procurement methods. We have experienced successful realisation of a diverse range of projects by traditional procurement and through the broad range of alternative contemporary delivery methods.

Architectus can provide informed advice on the benefits and distinctions that characterise partial services, design and construct (D&C), novated contracts, managing contractor delivery, alliance contracting, public-private partnerships (PPP) and other modes of contractual agreement.

Our advanced BIM expertise offers an unprecedented opportunity to produce federated models with a high degree of accuracy, improving communication and reducing conflicts and ambiguity in the delivery process. The increased transparency of the process has enabled greater cooperation, and greater efficiency on site.

The strength of our experience coupled with our collaborative work ethos enables flexibility and innovation in the procurement of even the most complex projects.


Architectus has a wealth of experience in the successful delivery of innovative PPP projects. We understand the keys to the development of a successful bid and the commitment needed to deliver our largest social and engineering infrastructure projects such as hospitals and light rail.

Governments and taxpayers are increasingly attracted to the PPP procurement model as a value-for-money option in large and complex projects. The PPP model transfers responsibility and risk to the private sector to provide financing, design, construction, operation and maintenance of a project to deliver services on behalf of the government.

Architectus’s role is primarily focused on the design and construction phase, but key to our success in delivering PPP projects is our understanding of operational, maintenance and finance considerations of the broader consortium and engagement in the interaction of government and consortium.

We are proud of our industry reputation for nimble and flexible response to design and coordination issues in the PPP bid process and for timely response and firm control of issues that may threaten time or cost deliverables during construction.

The establishment of rigorous design strategies based on clear design principles at the outset of a project the sustained commitment to their realization has been the key to Architectus’s successful delivery of even the largest PPP projects.

In the long operational life of a major PPP project, economic performance is directly linked to ongoing social and environmental sustainability. Architectus’s expertise in the integration of ESD principles at the core of a design can provide significant whole-of-life benefits to the PPP partners.

Architectus has a folio of successful PPP delivery of some of the most significant and innovative projects:

  • Sunshine Coast University Hospital
  • Single LEAP – Phase 2
  • Victorian Desalination Project
  • Gold Coast Light Rail
  • Adelaide Court Precinct and Urban Renewal
  • Sydney International Convention, Exhibition and Entertainment Precinct