Macquarie University Central Courtyard Precinct

Macquarie University Central Courtyard Precinct

Architectus won the design competition to transform Macquarie University’s Central Courtyard Precinct.

The project is a transformative one that incorporates 68 000 m2 of the campus including the Central Courtyard and 4 surrounding buildings.

The University sought to create a vibrant, dynamic precinct that creates a focus for the entire University community; manifests the vision for and aspirations of the University; creates a memorable and meaningful place; respects and celebrates the architectural, cultural and landscape heritage of the precinct; engages and enhances the campus through functionality and design; accommodates a wide variety of functions and activities, both permanent and temporary; and is flexible and capable of evolving over time.

Our vision for the Central Courtyard Precinct is to lift it out of its moribund Brutalist concrete character, to make it significantly more permeable, transparent, accessible, connected, legible, colourful, illuminated and positively engaged with its surrounding campus urban fabric and landscape.

Throughout the transformation of the Central Courtyard, the fundamental elements and structure will be retained and celebrated, whilst layering new uses and social infrastructure will create dynamic social and learning spaces which are adaptive and will uplift the everyday experiences of the Campus community.

Project Sheet

Project Summary

Macquarie University
Macquarie University, NSW
Floor area
68 000 m²
Original value
Luke Johnson


  • Design competition winner

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