St Andrew's College Chapel

St Andrew's College Chapel

Following the damage of the existing Chapel at St Andrew’s in the 2011 earthquake, the college had organised a design competition for a new Chapel.

The existing Chapel has officially been decommissioned on 24 October 2013 and is now awaiting demolition. Architectus produced the winning entry of the design competition for the Chapel rebuild. The new Chapel will generally occupy the footprint of the old Chapel – although larger to accommodate the number of students.

Elements of the new Chapel include:

  • Sanctuary
    The overall organisation of pews and seats is arranged as a collection of seating groups - placing an intermediate scale between the individual and the group.
  • Memorial Wall
    The proposition of a Memorial Wall allows the old Chapel to live on as part and give meaning to the new Chapel.
  • Folded glass wall
    This wall on the southern side is of a different nature, light and ethereal, a window to St. Andrew’s and the garden.
  • Foyer and Vestry
    These spaces are placed at the eastern and western end, acting as ‘filters’ between the garden and the sanctuary.\
  • Roof
    The folded geometry of the roof with its ridges and valleys reminds us of the first church buildings in Canterbury – the ‘V-huts’.
  • Lantern as memory of the old bell tower
    Above the footprint of the old bell tower, a ‘lantern’ describes the memory of the old tower and contains the bell.

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St Andrew's College
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Patrick Clifford

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