Architectus Melbourne's eMod App Awarded First Prize in Design Competition

5 December 2011

The international competition, calling for anonymous entries, was an Australian Research Council Linkage Project convened by the University of Melbourne's  Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning and industry partners. The competition sought, ‘to elicit innovation, creativity and blue-sky thinking, to encourage entrants to consider how things can be done "otherwise".'

The Architectus Melbourne entry is described under three headings:

The Aim
To provide you with a portable building solution that is tailored to suit your site, climate and desired learning outcomes in an efficient, sustainable and adaptable way.

The System
eMOD (Educational Modular Offsite Design) is an adaptable modular design system comprising two separate modules 4.5m x 15m that can be configured to create a building solution to suit your site, climate and learning outcomes.

The App
This interactive educational design App allows you to explore, discover and create possibilities for the eMod system. The App has three modes, Learn, Create and Cheat. Each mode provides an opportunity to experience the versatility of the eMod system, and find a solution to future proof your school.

Try the app for yourself: