New Lynn Station formally opens

28 September 2010

New Lynn station, the hub of a developing ‘transit oriented development', was formally opened on Friday 24 September.

The ceremony within the station concourse building marked the completion of a staged handover involving the transition from a single rail track at grade to a double track within a newly formed trench. In the process a number of significant new connections have been made across the trench uniting the previously divided city and creating a catalyst for change.

Comprising bus shelters, enclosed waiting areas, staff and public facilities and a ticket kiosk, Architectus has created a new benchmark for public transport facilities in the Auckland region.

Extensive streetscaping has been completed in the station vicinity as part of a comprehensive upgrading of New Lynn's public environs. A key feature of the concourse building design is the distinctive canopy roof; shaped to enable passive ventilation of the fumes from the diesel trains below.